Caja de interconexión WindCamp


Caja de interconexión PTT-Auriculares y CAT para FT-8x7

FT-817/857/897 external headset / PTT / CAT adapter

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Caja de interconexión WindCamp

Caja de interconexión WindCamp

The adapter with the YAESU FT-817/857/897 and other equipment can achieve the following functions:
1. External speakers, headphones; external dynamic microphone, an electret microphone.
2. Use the adapter that comes with the PTT button to transmit an emergency operation.
3. PTT socket adapter, external PTT switch or foot switch for transmission operations.
4. CAT port adapter, the machine comes with a total of two CAT were achieved with computer communications, and the days transferred communications and other operations (FT-817 is no such function, only FT-857, FT-897).

44,77 € (iva incluido)

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