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Fuente de alimentación móvil WindCamp

Fuente de alimentación móvil WindCamp

Product Description:

P-BOX mobile power station, is a polymer lithium-ion battery as the core of large-capacity portable power, three batteries in series structure, the main channel output voltage 9-12.6V, the maximum output current of 25A, rated capacity of 21Ah (ie 21000mAh), LCD real-time display of voltage, current, power. At the same time all the USB charging output, one laptop charging output (voltage adjustable).

Technical Parameters:

Rated capacity: 21Ah (ie 21000mAh)
Main channel Rated output voltage: 11.1V
Main channel output voltage range: 9-12.6V
Main channel maximum output current: 25A
USB channel output voltage: 5V (3A Max)
Laptop charging channel output voltage: 16.5V-25V continuously adjustable (1A Max), default 20V
Batteries Type: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Protection: short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, high temperature protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection
Overcharge protection threshold: 12.6V (± 0.15V)
Over-discharge protection threshold: 8.7V (± 0.15V)
High temperature protection from the control point: 55 ℃ (± 5 ℃)
Net Weight: 1.95Kg
Dimensions: 138 × 268 × 48 (WDH, mm)

320,65 € (iva incluido)

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